Is the cost of university too high?


Is the cost of university too high?

‘High’ is a term that depends on the financial status of each student.

In other words, some families agree that university education is too costly, while others think it is fair. Regardless, it is right to say that university education is too expensive, that even after government subsidies, many students are unable to manage it. This is why many students currently struggle with unpaid student loans long after graduating from university. Other students have even write my lab report been forced to drop out of school to these same high costs of university education. But what causes these high costs? Here are the reasons:


This is the costliest expense in university. Students are, at times, forced to pay tuition fees as high as $40,000 or more depending on the course being pursued and the university from where it is sought. These costs are, at times, too high that some universities are forced to subsidize them with partial scholarships to accommodate more students.


Hostel expenses come second to tuition fees. The charges are higher when a student stays in a hostel or condo off-campus. You also have to factor in other related expenses such as buying groceries and other foodstuffs. There are also moments when you will have to eat out in a cafeteria, which is an added expense.


Factor in the costs of books and pens and you will be surprised at how expensive the costs could get. The greatest of them all is the cost of buying textbooks for different subjects. Some of the revision books meant for university students are always very costly and might overwhelm students unless they had done some planning. It is for this reason that you will rarely find a single student having all the textbooks needed for a course being pursued. Some even resort to buying second-hand books as the way out of spending more than they had intended. Regardless, even these used books are always expensive.


Hostels on campus are always not enough for everyone. As a result, most students are forced to find hostels off-campus. Sadly, those who stay off-campus have to set aside transport expenses, especially if their hostels are far away from the university. This could overwhelm you if you are already forced to deal with all the other costs.


Students are required to purchase specific equipment related to the course they pursue. For instance, IT students require a laptop for coding purposes. Medical students might also need instruments like a stethoscope for their practical exercises.

Personal expenses

You will need many other things for your personal expenses. These include clothes, cosmetic products, toiletries, and medicine. Above it all, you still need to load your phone with enough credit and set aside more money for leisure.

Hopefully, you now understand why everyone considers university education as an expensive decision. Interestingly, this list doesn’t include other costs, like paying for trips. You will be shocked at how high these costs get if they are all added up. It is after adding up all these expenses that we can all agree that university education is very costly.

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